Kenyan-American artist Naomi Wachira has been in the music industry for only about 6-7 years. She has performed on many big stages across many major cities in the U.S.A. Her music has also taken her through Europe in countries like Britain, France and Germany.

Her journey into music began by her making a very bold decision. TO QUIT HER JOB. Naomi is well educated and even has a masters degree, that got her a very good job in the city of Seattle, WA, and though it was well paying, it did not give her the satisfaction that she wanted. Everyday was a struggle to get to work, and she finally called it quits to follow her dream that she kept postponing – MUSIC.

Naomi’s love to do music started when she was as young as 5 years old, and that was what her heart always wanted. However, as life would have it, other life goals got the better of her dream. Following a blue print we are all familiar with – get a good education so as to get a good job! She followed the blue print, was good at it, but her dream of being a musician was the only thing that would give her satisfaction.

So Naomi made the BOLD decision to quit her job, and to get into the unknown world of music. I say it is a bold decision, because it meant leaving her comfort zone, leaving her sure career path, and getting into something she was not sure whether it would work or not.

In this interview she talks about that journey, and how it has been for her so far. Watch it and BE INSPIRED

Connect with Naomi by visiting her website to get her latest music.


    1. Thanks sana Martha! Yes, Naomi has story is a challenge and an inspiration, that we should all evaluate what we do, and if we do not like it, make the bold step and change it!

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