Is there any other country in the world in which the taxpayer carries a heavy burden like in Kenya? To make matters worse, is the fact that Kenyans pay their dues to the government but it seems like they do not have any control whatsoever as to what can and cannot be done with that money. Do not get me started on our MPs, MCAs, and all other government officials. So I have my reason why I feel that the Kenyan taxpayer should not buy in into NYS in Kenya.

Is it the corruption scandal?

Quite frankly, I am not the least bit surprised by the scandal that has befallen on the NYS. I mean the NYS was allocated Shs 25 billion in this year’s budget and we are yet to know the full scope of its duties and what it is supposed to do. I am always skeptical when it comes to large budget allocations, that do not have clear cut guidelines as to how that money will be spent. By now every Kenyan knows that it is through ‘government deals’ that one becomes filthy rich. I mean did you see how fast companies were being formed and then awarded contracts? I am sure that this is not something that is unique to the NYS but to many of our government offices. These NYS jamaas just happened to get busted! I, just like every other Kenyan have come to accept that corruption is a part of our system and it will take years before it is rooted out.

Is it the rise in political temperatures due to NYS?

Everything in Kenya is political. We have not gotten to the point yet where we can separate politics from any other business in our lives as Kenyans. The fact is, the success of NYS and its projects makes the Jubilee Administration look good, and therefore increases the chances that Uhuru get re-elected. If NYS succeeds mainly within those areas that are known to be Raila’s strongholds, then Uhuru will stand to gain even more from that. So we can see how badly it will look for NYS  to be successful in Kibera. The fact is the success or failure of NYS has serious ramifications for Uhuru and Raila. However, that is not my main problem with N.Y.S.

So what is it?

How would you feel if you paid double or even triple for a service or a product? Would you buy in into a company that sells you a product as a new thing and yet you had paid for it? That is exactly what NYS is for the Kenyan taxpayer. I have seen the many projects that NYS  has engaged in. The thing is though, most of those projects, the Kenyan taxpayer has paid for them, only that those we pay to do those jobs have slacked, or plainly just took off with our money. Think about it, for example, when they clean the streets, I ask myself, where is City Council? When they do projects within our communities, I ask myself, what are the MCAs, MPs and Governors getting paid for? Why do we still have C.D.F and yet they are obviously being misused. Which government ministry is in charge of ensuring that these things get done.

So when the taxpayer is asked to again to dig deep into his pocket and come out with some more money to fund NYS we should ask ourselves, what is happening to the other monies that we have already paid for these services/projects the NYS is engaged in. The Kenyan tax payer is getting screwed!

DON’T GET ME WRONG – I would rather have these projects that we are at least seeing them materialize right in front of our eyes, than have nothing, but, should the Kenyan Taxpayer then ask for the disbandment of all these other institutions that have failed us?? MAY BE THEN, WE SHOULD REALLY GET RID OF ALL THESE OTHER INSTITUTIONS THAT HAVE FAILED US SO THAT WE ARE LEFT WITH THOSE THAT WORK?!? – yes? – no?

God Bless

Bwana Morioz

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