PHILIPIANS 4:13 “I can do all things, through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS ME”

Sometimes when we see successful people in our society, we assume that their path to success has been a straight journey to the top. That can never be far from the truth. In fact, if we were to chat their path to success, it would be full of ups and downs, going round in full circles.


1) Oprah in her 20s was fired as a tv anchor? They said that she was dull, stiff and mispronounced words. The said she wasn’t fit for tv

She could have given up……but SHE DID NOT!

2) Lionel Messi at age 11 was cut off from his team, after he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency which made him be smaller in stature than most kids his age.

He could have given up……but HE DID NOT!

3) Abraham Lincoln suffered a number of nervous breakdowns and was defeated in 8 different elections?

He could have given up…..but HE DID NOT!

4) Steve Jobs at the age of 30 was fired from his company that he founded in his garage, leaving him sad, depressed and devastated?

He could have given up…..but HE DID NOT!

5) Asunta Wagura was found to be HIV positive almost 25 years ago, lost her job, and shunned by society?

She could have given up…..but SHE DID NOT!

The list of people who overcame various challenges, and tough times is endless. The one thing that is common with all these people is that they were TOUGHER THAN THE SITUATIONS THEY FACED!

The thing that sets the successful people from those that are not, is that THEY NEVER GIVE UP or NEVER LET GO OF THEIR DREAMS. That is what drives successful people…..and that is what SHOULD DRIVE YOU!

God Bless
Bwana Morioz

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