Parenting is not an easy task, there is no one formula that works, there is not manual that one can periodically peruse through to check and see how you can fix somethings. The care that we give to our kids, is based upon what our parents taught us as right and also what our life experiences taught. The natural instinct for a parent it to protect your kid from the harsh realities of life. A parent always wants to make sure that their kid never lacks for anything and that their kids always get the very best that life has to offer. When it comes to money, there in lies a dilemma. What money lesson do you give to your kid? How do you balance between being a responsible parent and being a parent who spoils their kid? Mr. Peter Nduati is a Kenyan multi millionaire who has made his money from scratch. He had opened up businesses, some have worked, some have failed, he has experienced having lots of money, he has experienced being auctioned by banks. So, as a parent of 3 kids, does he pamper his kids and give them everything they need, or does he treat them differently? Here is his take on the money lessons he gives his kids.


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