KENYAN MAVULTURESOnce again the politicians, more so, MPigs have shown Kenyans that they lack any morals any ethics, they have shown Kenyans how selfish of individuals they are, they have shown Kenyans that you guys can die of hunger, poverty can bite at you every day and they still do not seem to think that is their problem. The MPs are basically insulting Kenyans telling us, you are fools, we have the power to make any changes we like and we will do anything that favors us without fear or favor, then we will shamelessly come to you Kenyans and promise you heaven and you know what, because of short term memory, because of the hate you have for each other, because we know we can get away with it and you will elect us back in we will take advantage of you and grind Kenya down to a slow halt. The MPs are saying that the priority is not the enhancing of Kenyans lives, the priority is not making sure the next generation will find a far much better country, NO NO, the priority is feeding themselves, taking advantage of Kenyans, stealing from Kenyans, enabling poverty, enabling insecurity.

However, though Kenyans are being insulted, and being stolen from, we have to accept that KENYANS have let the MPs take advantage of us. We are in a “its complicated” relationship with MPs. We hate them for the fact that they never think of us in the relationship, they go out and cheat on us just because they know that no matter what, we will still accept them back. MPs are like those fathers who get good salaries, or bonuses and spend the money at the clubs, with the prostitutes and buying drinks for friends within the bar, then come home to their “woman” who is expected to cook or warm the food in the middle of the night, who might get a beating, or worse still they will take the little money the woman has saved and use that money the next day on his whores. Their greed and thirst cannot be quenched. The father goes ahead and uses up all household income and then comes home to the woman who will gladly take him back as they continue to wallow in poverty. Yes Kenyans we are that woman who we think is too slow, or too dumb to let that man back in her life. Yes Kenyans we are dumb and Yes Kenyans we are slow, for as the election date draws near, we will hate each other and fight each other for the same MP who has made us be in so much poverty.

What pisses me the most, is that the presidential candidates that we have, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Deputy Prime Ministers Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi, and also Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, will be criss-crossing the lengths and breadths of Kenya, and convince us how much they care for our plight, how much they care for the Kenyan people and how much prosperity there will be when their governments are in power. Yet, NONE OF THEM, will call on their MPs and lieutenants to  not support that amendment  to not support that bill that is ridiculous and pure evil. None of them compelled their parties to not be in cahoots to such a law that just rapes Kenyans of much needed resources. However, we will fight each other for them, we will kill each other for them, understandably so because of the pain of poverty and we will do that because we think the main cause of our problems is our neighbour and not the politician who job is to actually be a servant to the people!

Here is a link on the details of their THEFT

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