Boniface Mwangi is a photo activist best known for his murals or graffiti on Kenyan walls that mainly attack the MPs and their gluttonous appetites. His implacable anger is aimed at political leaders who, he says, have dragged Kenya down, ransacked it and cast its people into an abyss of poverty and tribal murder.In late 2007, as Kenya erupted in political violence, Mwangi, now 28, was a news photographer dodging bullets, flames and machetes to capture the effect of the attacks and killings on everyday people sucked into the maelstrom. His work won awards and formed part of a powerful exhibition and book titled “Kenya Burning.” His work is known to “pop up” in the morning due to the fact that they do most of their artist work during the night. He did his first painting in February 2012, a fete that took him and his team almost two hours to complete.


Some of his work is



Mwangi and his team were arrested while working on their latest project, and he was charged with preparation to commit a felony, incitement and resisting arrest. He could face jail time if he is found guilty of the crimes.

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