Dear Diary,

I know its been a long time that we communicated, I have been busy trying to adjust to this country. I have learnt knew things, some good some bad, been encouraged and disappointed on many occasions, but all in all life is on the up and for that I am thankful.

I am however not very pleased with a friend of mine, a gentleman who I respect and love so dearly but has continued to be a constant failure, and he has me so pissed off I do not even know what to say or to do to him. I am sick and tired of trying to help him out, I am sick and tired of seeing all the pain and suffering that his family is going through all because he will not behave responsibly and GROW UP!

YES I SAID IT…..GROW UP! The reason I say this is because the dude to going to be 49 years old but the guy behaves like he was just born the other day and there still has a right to suck on his mama’s titties. The guy still believes that he should get financial help from his International Mother and Father (aka IMF),at 49! Who does that? He has refused to make the best of his income and squanders it in luxury goods, big houses, big cars, and yet some of his kids die of hunger, some of his kids have no jobs and therefore depend on handouts, some or his kids can never dream of tomorrow for they know not what today brings, while some of his kids also live like the world is theirs and they laugh at those kids without, they spit at them and despise them, they refuse to help them with just some food, just some clothing, just a place to shelter from the sharp sting of the cold nights.

This guy lives for today and no plans for tomorrow. He has become the greatest story teller, painting pictures of bright and prosperous future with words that are well oiled and a voice that as the swahili say, ‘sauti ya kumtoa nyoka pangoni.’ With these words he is able to secure more loans and therefore get more money to just spend irresponsibly, however the burden of paying they burden of making sure the the lenders are happy lies on his kids, they have to repay every single cent that he has borrowed. Therefore the kids have been born with debt that they never enjoyed the fruits of, they have to pay a debt in an uncertain future where jobs are not available.  Yet he does not see the problem that he is creating for his kids.

So his kids are stressed out, there is tension, there is mistrust among his kids, there is the green monster called jealous rearing its ugly head over the family. The poor kids are now robbing and killing just to survive, they prey on the rich kids and wait for them after a long days work and steal from them, beating them up and sometimes killing their fellow brothers and sisters, Its survival, survival of the fitness I know, There is no more love in the family, just suspicion, mistrust and tension,

He either sees this and chooses to ignore it, or is so full of himself that he does not care what the hell happens to his kids. He is about to celebrate his birthday in the coming month and he will turn 49.

Oh how I wish he would behave responsibly and see his kids who look up to him and be an example to his kids, to guide them to prepare them for a world full of hope and opportunity for all not just the select few. Oh how I wish he would guide his kids to teach them peace, love and unity and remind them that, ‘UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL’




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