Personally, I do not know why the politicians were wrangling about the elections date, maybe they know something that we do not know as to what the difference is between a december election and a march election date. I am 100%


 sure that it has nothing to do with Kenya….just more time to steal from the Kenyan citizenry. I am am pretty sure, that all Kenyans know who they will vote in no matter what the day will be; and am sure that the campaigning that we are going to witness, the millions of shillings that will be   poured out will not change who we vote for for president. Kenyan elections are only competitive as far as MPs and Councillors are concerned. We always know who our presidential candidate will be.

However I want to make a case for Raila, to be the next president of Kenya. I will assume, just like Kibaki, Moi and Kenyatta, his economic decisions will heavily favor his closest allies, and the region that he comes from. His closest allies will therefore be top favorites for government contracts, there will be major infrastructure spending in the western, nyanza and the neighboring rift valley .  Nothing new there, just a son remembering his people. To others this will be corruption at its highest, favoring one region over another, like I said he is a son of his people. Lets take an analytical look at these actions, and though they may be corrupt, are they really bad for Kenya?

Who are the beneficiaries of a Raila presidency?


These group of people will be highly favored to win government contracts and just like there was goldenberg, and anglo-leasing he will have his own kisumu scandal, that his cronies/allies will be involved in.  These group of people will take full advantage and come up with ways and means they can fleece that Kenyan people off their money. What will happen is that there will emerge another ruling class of new business men who have a piece of the national cake.  Kenya will now have business/ruling class from central (kenyatta’s men and kibaki’s men), we have ruling/business men for rift valley (moi’s men…think biwott and yaya center as an example) and now we will have ruling/business men from nyanza/western.  In as much as these ruling classes get their  money in corrupt manners, the one thing I have appreciated is that they actually invest the money back in Kenya. All major Kenyan companies and real estate investments are owned by this class of rulers. The local populations therefore gets employment from these people and the money eventually trickles back down to the people that it was stolen from at first.  If there is one thing that has been certain is that these ruling classes never loose out from change in presidency, kenyatta’s main still have their businesses, moi’s men still have their business, kibaki’s men still have their businesses and so will raila’s men. The ruling class will have major investments, that will in turn help the Kenyan citizenry, think of uhuru and brookside milk, it employs many, think of how many are housed in yaya center or international house, think of equity bank and the many Kenyans it employs.


Since he is bound to help his region we should expect major investments in infrastructure, more roads, more hospitals, more schools, a bigger Kisumu city etc. The western kenya region is home to over 12million people and many more connected to the region but live outside the region. A quarter of the kenyan population will directly benefit from direct investments in their infrastructure. The effect of this is improved communication to and fro the region via better roads, better schools and better industries therefore more jobs for those in jobless corner in the region. These changes though corrupt in their nature at first glance, will help lift a region, give some hope to the millions it houses. Now is it really bad for Kenya to have a developed nairobi region, central region, central rift valley region and now western region? Is it really bad if the sugar belt in Kenya gets a boost? If kisumu grows as a city giving it more importance as the most central city within east africa. Kisumu can be the gateway to rwanda, congo, burundi, tanzania and uganda. I believe Western Kenya region to be a sleeping giant, with great potential and opportunities that are yet to be realized.

Finally, Raila is a luo, and while stereotypes usually do not apply to all persons and its not it all cases, he wants to leave a legacy, a great name. He wants his name to be amongst Africa’s greatest. He has ambitions and I don’t think they end with just being president of Kenya.



  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and sentiments and no you have not changed my mind. I will not necessarily vote for my fellow villager and will on the same breath vote for one- depends on who it is. I will not vote for Uhuru because i do not see what he has to offer. He cant even raise kanu from the doldrums so i dont see him doing anything for me as a president. The momentum he is gathering is, sadly, extremely tribalistic.
    i’ll vote in my villager if the man is martha. if she has the courage to stand above all men, dump those same cowards who will not stand on principle to defend the promise they made when we voted them in then i know she will make a difference. Her and I are in the same village because she’s youthful and principled.
    any vote i could have cast for raila is fast fading coz of the dictatorial tendencies emerging with all members of his pentagon team leaving him…
    my vote could however go for another son of the lakeside village in raphael. He’s somewhat green and i am willing to give him that chance. I’d wish mutula was at least a running mate for i admire his stand on the ocampo four…
    i do not necessarily think that president from my vilage will directly benefit me, i crave leaders who will promote national values and build everything up for all kenyans and not for their mother’s houses…nkt!
    After all my mother is Kenya

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