I feel that these coming elections are much more important than all others we have had. Why? These are my  reasons:


Kenyans need to show that we have learnt that violence is not an option. The P.E.V that we witnessed and were victims of one way or the other, the loss of lives cannot be measured in any terms, the economic setback from the violence, the IDPs who to this point have not been resettled and are still awaiting justice. Kenyans, like the phoenix should rise above the ashes of 2008 P.E.V.  and vote for leaders that unite us, leaders that give clear paths to economic growth, and leaders who put the interests of citizens first and foremost.



We have heard of Asian Tigers, S. Korea, Thailand, Indonesia to name but a few that have gone ahead to be highly developed economies. Its virtually impossible to discuss about the global economy and not have Brazil, Russia, India and China in the conversation no more, these are better known as BRIC economies. More so China and India have really taken the global stage and are competing for resources with the western powers.


Underneath all these changes, there is another change that is happening slow but sure….African countries, more so sub-saharan countries have the highest growth rates in the world. Ethiopia leads the pack, with Mozambique, Tanzania, Congo, Ghana, Zambia and Nigeria among the top ten higest growth rates up till 2015. We are now showing the world that a simple mobile phone can be more than a phone but also a mobile wallet. The fact that China and India are now heavily investing in Africa should tell us we are the next big show.


This is why Kenyans needs to really choose leaders with vision, leaders who are able to see that the Kenya being the largest economy in East Africa should capture the moment and be the leader of the pack. Kenyans need to elect leaders who understand the way new technology can be applied in our lives, leaders that are willing to invest in our education so as to get the next great scientists, leaders who are willing to invest in our infrastructure because it is that important in our future, leaders who are willing to come up with policies of growth, policies of opportunities, such that when the African Lions roar….we will be among them!





  1. Thank you Zach,

    I totally agree with you that China cannot sustain us, Kenyans can only sustain Kenyans. The arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya have really been ignored for the longest. With the increase in population Kenyans will have to change their views on these lands. With irrigation projects they can be converted into more productive lands and have less occurrences of famine.

  2. I would like first to appreciate u r observation . There is one thing that could spur job creation. Local production of good and consumption of locally manufactured products. There is no way a country with 40million people at this era can be consuming sweet manufactured in china it is unacceptable if we have to creat job. This is how it can work . We need as country to have a very strong and empowered standardasation body . If we take like 3000acres land In semi arid area where the land is unutilised we construct in 1000acre decent mordern housing estate with all infrastructure in place.2000acre can be irrigated . Any one to occupy the be able to work on the project.

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