Dear Diary,


Today I am pissed off at my landlord. He is charging me exorbitant prices for facilities that I do not use. Well not that I do not use them, its that i don’t have the time to use them. Like my bedroom for example I have a very comfortable bed, very expensive I must say….especially if you convert it to shillings, trust u me I did the math….but I never get to use it. My closet has some clothes but i never get to put them on! I had a dream of having a fridge in my kitchen, and I would fill it with all kinds of stuff MTV cribs kando,  I have a fridge but its empty most of the time. Heck I think I should just unplug it and that way I will have more money to send home to my family. I have air conditioning in my house and can heat my house as much as I want, its fall now heading to winter….I will not used my heat! I have cable, we all know that I need to keep up with whats going on in the world, catch up with my favorite shows kina NCIS, CSI, CNN, ESPN and most of all Jerry Springer…..anways I digressed. I pay lots of dollars for cable but I don’t use it. I never have time to watch the bloody TV….and the way I woke up one friday morning, they call it BLACK FRIDAY, went straight to my favorite store, Walmart, and punched, pepper sprayed, pushed and beat up others to get my 52″ Flat Screen TV for cheap dollars…so that I was with the ‘IT’ tv…. but nooo I never have freaking time to watch it.


Boy I miss those days when I could just flash someones cell phone…and they understood that I was a broke jamaa and so they called me back! Not in this country, you pay for your cellphone service whether you call, people call you or even whether  you do not call anybody. One pays for minutes and texts and data and pay to have people from your network call you ‘free’. I realised it costs more to get over your minutes…boy those charges are crazzzyyy….I once had a cell phone bill whose amount was equal to my rent money, for my house that I do no live in!!! So I went ahead and got unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data….but I never use them.


So I realized that cars are more a necessity than luxury. so went to the dealer got me a car, he only told me that i would pay $200 a month for it for so many years…….but the fool neglected to tell me that it was on condition that I got comprehensive insurance on the bloody gas guzzler. Oh yeah i got a V6 because it was a more powerful engine…apparently that thing is addicted to gas…coz the five dollars that I put on it doesn’t seem to quench its thirst….I miss that 1984 toyota corolla…sigh. So I went ahead and used 15 minutes to save hundreds of dollars, that Gecko LIED! So what was supposed to be a $200, gradually came to an average of over $500.00 on the car alone.


I sat down and decided that I needed to get me a second job and a third job to pay for this ‘good’ life that I was living. The only problem is that I never have time to enjoy all these GOOD STUFF…I never use my bed to sleep on, I never watch cable on my flat screen tv, I never have time to call my friends on my unlimited plan and hell I never get long trips and drives so maximize the power on my powerful engine. Its so called outside but I am not touching that dial to turn up the heat!



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