Dear Diary,


To the chick image is evrything….and thats why they go thru hell and back just to make sure that their image is well maintained and ranks high. But they are still human and therefore subject to some normal things such as an ITCH and we all know that this is one sucker that can never go away unless dealt with. no cold shoulders, no giving it the silent treatment, no ice cream buying, no gals nyt out… no none of this;just have to deal with it.


In order to achieve the delicate balance of image and itch, alot of innovation and creativity has to be used and they are:-





When a chick feels itchy, but does not want to mess her hair what does she do……BANG BANG BANG….on her head and this action will be accompanied by a hissing sound….ssssssssssss……as she bangs on her head. The first time i noted this i really thot the chick was tryin to get some deep deep idea from her brain and the clutter in their was jamming up the thot process!! This is mainly those chicks who have weaves woven or wigs hangin…whichever whatever!!!!




This is when she carefully takes a pen or pencil, looks at the point makes sure it aint too sharp otherwise might come out with some DNA (advantages of watching all CSI and NCISs, u get to know some stuff and sound intelligent)…i digressed, anways once it passes the visual inspections the pen is then pointed toward the itchy part of the scalp, slowly and carefully weaving through, and meandering through the hair….which took hours to brush…..and landing perfectly on the trouble spot and violently attack that spot with the pen….kama city kanjo on a hawker….and accompanied with the ….yap…sssssssssss. There are variations of this especially whn a pen is not available….using the longest key in your bunch, use of  a mukuhaa (i dont know what its called in the queens language…so scratch that) use of the smallest finger aka pinky finger, use of a drinking straw…oh yeah iko, tooth pickin….etc




This is when, like when one prof of mathematics bwana George Saitoti once said…..there comes a time when the needs of a country are greater than the individual…..and to apply to this, the chick says….the need to scratch the itch are greater than the image i have worked hard to achieve…..and on saying this she looks right and looks left….ni kama ni kuvuka barabara and when the coast is clear…with all ten fingers just digs in and scatches tht itch….and she growls, and noo this time its not the sssssss sound but growling sound, eyes rolling up and she closes them as she enjoys the relief from scratchin that itch… the time she is done you would think katrina was all over her hair!!!!



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